Living Arrows 8/52 Arts and Crafts

This weekend we had a lazy one. Daddy was off on a mini trip away at the weekend and had a tennis match on Sunday morning. The weather was not the best either. It was miserable. On Saturday it was constantly changing. We managed to catch a bit of sunshine and at least made it outside into the garden.

The other hours we spent inside the house playing, building, making, watching, messing.

Chloe loves playing with playdoh. We have this ice cream castle which comes with two spoons and she got a few more tubs off Santa. She spent a good bit of time scooping out the playdoh and putting it into her pan. Then her task was to match them and put the colours back into the right tub.

While Matthew is more into colouring in, he finished the book he already had. There was not much left of it. I picked up a new one from Finding Dory on Sunday then. He already has six pictures done in it. This boy is unstoppable. It’s the cutest when he is asking for a sheet of paper to draw a family.

Living Arrows

9 thoughts on “Living Arrows 8/52 Arts and Crafts

  1. Lovely photos and fantastic indoor activities for winter. Every house needs play doh and colouring books. I know I’d be lost without them in ours! #LivingArrows

  2. Looks like they are having so much fun! Dominic is the same with playdoh! He will sit for hours playing with it! Definitely a good rainy day activity! x

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