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Last week was awful weather wise. There was storm Doris that threw things around the place. We don’t have much in the garden yet but the few bits we do have got blown all over the place. Then yesterday there was another storm on its way. Thankfully this morning the sun is shining. It’s just a bit chilly.

Due to the weather, we couldn’t do any outside activities. We tried to make the best out of it and on Saturday we went to Liffey Valley. I was meant to pick up a new pair of shoes for Chloe ages ago. The last time she got measured was November last year. Bad mummy alert. I bought a gauge from Clarks online and to my measurements she is now a 4 1/2 when she previously was a  3 1/2. I wanted to confirm the size in store. She didn’t like the man doing it as she wasn’t stretching her toe. He got a size out of it and I told him I got a size 4 1/2 so he said to go with that. On Friday I bought her a pair of pink cute converse as well. They are a size 5. Hopefully that’s her sorted for shoes now.

Lunch time was the same old. Sandwiches, grapes, crisps and a new addition some bread sticks with cream cheese. Both kids enjoyed it. The big meal they get in the evening time at the weekend.

While we were in the shopping centre, we picked up some new bits and pieces from Next as Chloe received a voucher from her grandparents. She was in need for some more tops. When we came out, Matthew spotted a train that was going around the shopping centre. It was 2.50 per person. Daddy and Matthew went on it while the girls went off and got a smoothie for ourselves. I think it must have taken Chloe nearly an hour to sip on that. She really enjoyed it though.

Living Arrows

11 thoughts on “Living Arrows 9/52 Shopping

  1. It doesn’t create the hassle of them crying down the shop when getting measured. I can deal with it at home.

  2. They recommend up until the age of 2. Then you can do it yourself. I have the gauge myself for my oldest.

  3. Both mine don’t like it. But I got a gauge myself and they don’t mind me doing it at home.

  4. It’s the easiest to make. When I only had Matthew, he used to get warm lunches but that quickly changed. xx

  5. They do indeed. I need to measure my four year olds again as well. Just in case.

  6. Ha do you think so? Hubby keeps telling me to cut it because it looks terrible according to him .x

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