Markus Feehily Album Signing – Sligo 18.10.2015

I found out about this signing by pure chance. I am getting my average amount of emails every day.One of the emails sometimes contains Westlife related stuff. Usually I just delete but the last one I got was just 3/4 days ago and it said that Markus Feehily is doing signings in the UK and Ireland.  I thought I might just have a browse to see if he is anywhere near me. And there we go, he planned on doing a signing in Sligo this weekend. No doubt I was going to be at that. I loved Mark when he was a member of the band and I still do and support him in every way for him to make his solo career.

Off I went on Saturday with kids and hubby into town to Xtra Vision/HMV. We live in a small town so it is only a 20 mins walk into town, plus it was a lovely to take the kids out for a nice long walk. I purchased the album for €12.99 and the guy behind the till was saying that they are expecting people to come early.

Saturday, 18th October, I was up with the kids half the night as usual but at the same time I was super excited to meet Mark. I haven’t seen him in 7 years so this was something very special. I was talking to few girls on Twitter the night before and there was no need really to arrive early.
In the end I left at 11am. There was no one there bar one girl. It was too early to go shopping as most shops don’t open in Sligo until 12pm on a Sunday. Boots was open on the other hand though and hubby needed new Armani Code perfume so I went to get it to kill some time. I brought it back to the car so I didn’t have to carry it around. It was around 11.20 am then and I decided to join the queue. It was just still me and the girl (Aileen) but I generally hate being late for these sort of things and having people in front of me.

Time passed and more and more people started arriving. Xtra Vision/HMV opened at 12pm and by that time were about 10-12 people. You get priority access to the event if you used your point with the club card online but I only heard about it very late so by that time they were sold out. Anyway, there was no need to get any of these because it is Sligo and you will get to meet him no matter what.

Once the store opened we went inside and started queuing there. The queue was split in half with people for priority access( there was a max. of 8 by the way) and people with normal tickets. Time went slow then.

2015-10-18 12.36.17

12.56pm Mark arrived on time. People from the priority queue were able to get their albums signed first and a photo taken with him. There were 3 photographers also. In fairness to him he took his time with every single person and it was not rushed at all.

Once the priority queue was finished, it was our turn. I was second in the queue.

Mark said “Hello” and so did I. He ask me how I was and continued signing my album cover. Further on, to get the conversation going (I am awful starting conversations), I told him his old tennis buddy Dermot Dolan would like to have a game of tennis with him again at some point. To that he answered that he hasn’t seen him in ages. He remembered from the time he went out with Dermot one or two years ago, that we had kids. I told him that we had 2 now and the youngest was 8 months old. His memory is really good as he asked  me if we not had a boy as well and I informed we did and he is 3 years of age. He said to me then that he had a niece called Susie. I knew about this because Matthew and her are going to the same crèche and are in the same room which I told him. There is only 2 months between their birthdays.
While I was getting my photo taken with him, he said that he was hoping to play Dermot at a game of tennis one day once the whole album situation calms down as he is too busy at the moment. I said to him not to worry about it if he doesn’t get the time as he will be busy for a long time I’d say. Once I had my photo taken with my phone (the photographer took an official one too which I am hoping to get in the next few days) he said “good to see you!” and I left.

2015-10-18 13.17.29

2015-10-18 21.04.33

While in the store, I picked up 2 DVDs for Matthew, just to stay that bit extra.

Really enjoyed these few hours and I am glad I went in the end, whether I went on my own or not.

Markus Feehily’s new album “Fire” is out in stores since 16th October 2015 and can be downloaded from the itunes and playstore too. Make sure to get your copy! Great album!

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  1. Sounds like a great time. Thank you ever so much for linking up to Share With Me. I hope to see you again tomorrow for another great round up and hope you have been enjoying the blog hop. #sharewithme

  2. This took me right back! I have to admit I was never into Westlife, but two of my best friends at school were *obsessed*. Now I feel a real fondness for them all for being such a big part of my teen years! 🙂

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