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Keeping your little ones dry and comfortable is very important for them to have a good nights sleep. When The Little Green Sheep got in touch to test out one of their mattress protector I was more than happy to accept.

Mattress protectors are not only important for your toddlers while you are potty training them but you would also require them for your baby. You wonder why? Accidents can happen. You could have a pukey baby who can spit up milk after a feed, the nappy is leaking or she is sweating at night which I find with Chloe a lot.

For this reason it is important to keep your mattress protected all the time.


The mattress protector is 100 % waterproof, super soft and breathable. The Little Green Sheep is using organically grown cotton only. Not only that, it also protects your baby against dust mites which can cause respiratory illnesses, like asthma.

The protector is extra absorbent. There are no more of these plastic protectors you can pick up in the shops that can be a hit and miss. It absorbs any moisture and wetness. It’s easy to place on your mattress and with the fitted sheet on top, it keeps it nice and secure.
This also means you will get a lot more years out of your mattress which again means money saving.


To give you an idea how promising this products is, The Little Green Sheep won the GOLD Mother & Baby Award 2016 for “Best Sleep Product” and also a Love By Parents award for “Best Nursery Bedding”

The retail price for the mattress protector for a cot bed is £29.95. But in case you are looking for a different size have a look here and browse their different range of mattress protectors including their Snuzpod and normal cot.


Disclaimer: I was sent this product for the purpose of the review. As always the opinion and photos are my very own.

14 thoughts on “Mattress Protector By The Litte Green Sheep

  1. What is your recommendation for a 7-month ages baby girl?What type of mattress will be perfect for her?What size do you recommend?I’m a brand new mom that is why I don’t have a good idea.But I read your article, and I got some knowledge.I decided to change my current mattress, and I am going to buy a mattress that will be comfortable for my baby girl.
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  2. I never got to experience the snuzpod because I used our existing moses basket but it looks great.

  3. I never had one of the plastic ones and for potty training I think they are good enough but for babies I think these one are perfect.

  4. This looks so much nicer than those horrible plastic mattress protectors. It is a bit pricey but I think it would be worth it compared to the cost of a new mattress.

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