Me and Mine {December}


We are in the last day of December in 2015. This also means it will be my last time linking up with Lucy over on Dear Beautiful and her linky “Me and Mine” for the year. We didn’t really do anything mad because the weather was horrendous this year but we tried to make the most out of it. Next year we are hoping to maybe go on a few trips. It will be much easier as well then when Chloe is a bit older and doesn’t require stops any more for a bottle.

So here is how December was for us.

Daddy was loving:

– playing Mario Kart Wii and finally manage to get 3 golden stars
– his Fitbit Charge HR and scale he got for Christmas
– spending time with the kids for 2 weeks

Mammy was loving:

– A day out in Dublin with my bestie
– A night out with my work colleagues
– Taco Fries from Abrakebra (mainly because our one closed down)
– all my Christmas presents including a tripod, Fuji instax mini 8 and selfie stick

Matthew was loving:

– going to the shop with either mammy or daddy (he is obsessed going shopping lately)
– his new game and Vtech toot toot train station he got for Christmas
– going to the cinema to see “The Good Dinosaur”

Chloe was loving:

– her light up Christmas Jumper
– saying mam mam and da da da a lot
– playing with daddy’s strings on his hoodie

And below is the round up of the whole year. I got a tripod for Christmas so I am hoping my photos will turn out a bit better and there will be more in different locations and not just at home all the time.

me and mine summary

dear beautiful

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