Me and Mine {January}


And we are through the first month of 2016 already. This means it’s time for the family project “Me and Mine again”. Take a photo each month of the whole family. I think it’s such a lovely idea because it means you are forced to take a photo when sometimes it can be so hard or you easily forget and have no nice family pictures of the early childhood days of your children. So this is what we were up to this month:

Daddy was loving:

– Matthew’s improved speech
– Wedding Planning
– Gym
– Chloe moving around in circles
– his Fitbit Charge HR

Mammy was loving:

– the surprise weekend from my bestie
– fire on in the living room after years
– cuddles with my two
– wedding cake tasting with one of my bridesmaids
– climbing a local mountain with my bestie
– Bridesmaids dress shoppping

Matthew was loving:

– playing all day because the weather has been very bad
– the bit of snow we got

Chloe was loving:

– cruising around on the floor on her bum
– playtime with Bailey the cat
– tasting new foods

The Me and Mine Project

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