Me and Mine {July}

I am a bit late with this one. But I have a good excuse as my bestie was over for a few days. Least thing I wanted is to be antisocial on the laptop when we can be out doing stuff together.



The month of July went so quick again that I only managed to take a photo of the 4 of us the last minute in the house again. There isn’t always that opportunity to get the 4 of us in the picture. I probably mentioned it before but I think I should get myself a little tripod. Makes life easier maybe.

The month of July…

Mammy was loving:

– a long weekend trip to Berlin to visit my friend Karo
– a lot of shopping in Berlin
– watching the Minions in cinema
– Disney in Concert in Berlin

Daddy was loving:

– going on a trip to London to his cousins wedding
– our first family trip as a 4 piece to Co. Kildare
– Matthew’s speech improvement

Matthew was loving:

– the huge blown up Thomas the Tank Engine at a family day in Lough Key Forest Park
– building towers with everyone
– going for walks in the woods
– walking around muddy puddles and jumping in them too

Chloe was loving:

– eating carrots, parsnips and apple. Her favourite combination of food
– her first few hours in crèche

What were you up to the month of July?

dear beautiful

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