Me and Mine {March}

It’s the end of the month again and also we are a quarter through the year already. Last month I didn’t get a chance to take a family photo because sickness hit so many times that it was not worth it. That doesn’t mean there hasn’t been any sickness in March but it’s a bit easier going than February.

March was a quite busy month. In Ireland 17th March we have a National holiday called St. Patrick’s Day.The kids, the hubby and I went to the parade in town. Matthew loved it, seeing all the trucks, blown up Spiderman, dinosaur etc.


Daddy was loving:

– spending Paddy’s Day with the kids
– his new laptop Dell XPS 15
– playing tennis again after shoulder surgery

Mammy was loving:

– a trip to New York with my bestie for a few days
– starting parental leave
– spending Easter with the family and my bestie
– a 4 course lunch menu in Harvey’s Point Hotel

Matthew was loving:

– taking selfies with mammy’s phone
– spending quality time with daddy for a few days
– playing with his cousins
– making his new Paw Patrol jigsaw
– playground time with finally nice weather
– his glow in the dark top from H&M

Chloe was loving:

– playing with her kitchen
– being on the swing for the first time
– her new forward facing car seat (so much more to see)


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