Me and Mine {May}

It is that time of the month again. “Me and Mine” linky by Lucy from “Dear Beautiful Boy“. This also means we have reached the end of the month again. Time is flying this year I find.

2015-05-24 14.25.09

This month:

Mammy was loving:

– a trip to Dublin
– shopping in IKEA
– starting to bring Chloe swimming
– painting Chloe’s Nursery

Daddy was loving:

– new TV corner unit
– his new Samsung galaxy S6 phone

Matthew was loving:

– chasing the ducks
– going for walks in the double buggy with rain cover over what he calls his “tent”.
– Nutella toast

Chloe was loving:

– watching her brother play
– naps on the big bed rather than her cramped moses basket
– tickle time

Anything special you enjoyed this month?

dear beautiful

3 thoughts on “Me and Mine {May}

  1. I always go there to have lunch. lol It is so cheap but yet so yummy.

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