Me and Mine {September}

Ahhh, it’s end of September. Autumn has officially started a couple of days ago.Three months until Christmas… just saying. But first Halloween which is my second favourite season of the year. September was a pretty quiet month for us. We didn’t do anything mad or we didn’t go anywhere. We were pretty much kept busy organising our final decisions on our new home. Things like tiles and carpets. I never thought it would be so stressful trying to pick these things. In my opinion it needs to be perfection. Maybe it’s a German thing. We are not going to move again. This will be our forever home You want to design it the way you want it and make it look like your forever home. I am really happy with the decision I made so far.

This might be my last ever Me and Mine post from our current house. If it all goes well, our new chapter in life will begin in three weeks time which leads me to the project being carried out from a different location from then onwards. It’s sad and exciting at the same time.


Daddy was loving:

• back playing tennis
• finalising new house move
• Chloe walking holding hands
• family walk to Hazelwood

Mammy was loving:

• a day in Dublin
• cuddles with the kids
• discovering new delicious recipes
• getting great opportunities through my blog

Matthew was loving:

• play centre (soft play)
• new iPad apps (he calls it his “new TV”)
• Play Doh
• Colouring in
• his new car seat in mummy’s and daddy’s car

Chloe was loving:

• being able to get around on her feet
• her walker
• cuddling her million teddies


The Me and Mine Project

10 thoughts on “Me and Mine {September}

  1. Thanks Jenny, I hope it will go well and the kids will settle in quickly. xx

  2. What a lovely happy spot to take a family capture. Best of luck with the new home. I love moving new adventures and new memories to be made. I know it can be stressful but worth it in the end. #meandmineproject

  3. Thanks so much Carie. X it’s happening all in the next 2 weeks. I’ll be probably an emotional wreck.

  4. Thanks a mill Alex. xx I am looking forward to it to be honest. So much to do for the kids because Dublin is only a 10 minutes drive. It’s brilliant. xx

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