Meal times of a Toddler

Meal times can be a challenge sometimes with Matthew. Up to now I have made him the same meals all the time. I have tried to experiment in the past and introduce him to new meals that we would eat but he can be quite picky. And funny enough that’s only at home. He is eating absolutely everything in creche/nursery.

I am writing this post to maybe get some inspiration meals for Matthew off other mums.


He always has breakfast at home before he is off to nursery. At the weekend he has breakfast a bit later. This is what he has in the morning normally.

Crispy bread with jam or chocolate spread
Toast with jam or chocolate spread

DSC_0859-1 Coco pops2183341533_7186500130 Cheerios
roll, banana, cracker, pan cake


During the week Matthew has lunch around 12pm. He gets so much variety of food in creche, it’s brilliant. This could be:

Vegetable soup445702-dal-and-vegetable-soup-toddler-by-tarla-dalal Beef stew
Spaghetti Bolognese24346_l Pasta in sauce with chicken
Chicken casserole
Chicken curry

There’s a lot more but you get the idea. At the weekend then I generally give him a small lunch because he gets a big dinner in the evening time. That can be a sandwich with crisps and fruit like raspberries. He’s obsessed with raspberries.


This is where I am doubting myself and think that he might get too much food. In creche they call it tea but in fact he gets a snack normally around 2 or 3pm. Sometimes it’s just fruit and scone or something like that which I think is just the right amount for a snack.

But then other times he could get pizza or fish fingers with spaghetti hoops or other warm meals. In my opinion that’s too much considering he gets another warm meal for dinner.

When I mind him at the weekend he only gets something small like biscuit, breadsticks, raisins, donut or similiar things.


The last meal of the day always happens at home. I am picking Matthew up from creche at 5pm and he has dinner around 5.30/6pm. Most of the time he has dinner on his own and I am having it after because I need to keep Chloe entertained. Meals for Matthew are:

Potato Waffle and fish fingers
Chips and chicken nuggets
Plain pasta or with tomato sauce
Heinz Spagetti
Potato Waffles and sausages
Tuna Napolitana
Spaghetti Bolognese

So you can see there that I definitely need to add some more new meals to it. I also noticed today that I don’t give him any vegetables anymore. I used to give him carrots all the time but I might have given them too much that he is sick of them now.

Now over to you, I’d like to know what you feed your toddler. Mainly I need some inspirations for breakfast and dinner. I would much appreciate it. PS: I am not big into cooking so keep it easy where you can.

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4 thoughts on “Meal times of a Toddler

  1. These look fabulous and my two would love these. Great round up. Toddlers can be the trickiest people to feet sometimes…next to my hubby. hahaha Thank you so much for linking up to Share With Me #sharewithme
    Jenny recently posted…A new kitchen floorMy Profile

  2. My son is 5 and this post made me realized how I am not giving him enough vegs as well. Yesterday when he had a poo I notice he is having a hard time so I really need to incorporate vegs in his meals soon! #sharewithme
    Merlinda Little (@pixiedusk) recently posted…AllergyMy Profile

  3. Hey Mira
    Thanks so much for the detailed meal plan. That goes to show that Matthew does get too much food in nursery.
    I will totally checkout your blog.
    Thanks a mill again.

  4. Hi Janine!
    I have 4 of them. 15 year teenager girl, 4 year old boy 3 year old girl and a 6 year old baby boy. You get the picture of a chaotic household? Simple step avoid processed food. Now about breakfast we all have the same apart from the baby. We will either have porridge, cornflakes, weetabix, shreddies for breakfast. We tend to vary it every week so they don’t get bored with the same food.
    A fruit or petit filous for snack around 10.
    A sandwich for lunch at 12 with a compulsory spinach or lettuce leave. If they have at least one bite off the green leaf I’m satisfied.
    Fruit, rice cake, or brioche for snack between 2-3 pm

    5:30 -6 pm is dinner. Unlike yours my kids are big eaters and from very young they wanted to eat the same food as ours. But the trick is to try to give them a taste of what we are eating from early age. Spices and all just give a taste that will make them want it plus get used to our food. I am a big spicy food and chilli eater so I make sure to take Theirs out before add more chili for me. But I am proud to say that dinner is usually ‘can I have more rather than I don’t like this.’ If you want more I write at And most of what I wrote here is easy and kids friendly. I hope that will be of help and on that I think it’s time I write a post on this topic.

    Good luck!
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