Meet Rocky – Our New Family Member

I don’t have to hide it that I am crazy about cats. I grew up with cats and I don’t think I have ever been without one in life. A home without a cat is not a home. Unfortunately we haven’t been that lucky with cats over the years. We have had two cats for eight years. Then we moved. Both of them were outside cats and the first one ran away after two weeks in.

The second cat we had was a stray. She was indoor for pretty much eight months straight, even though she was an outdoor cat for seven years. During the summer month now she was getting fed up being inside and made the move outside. She was staying underneath the shed all day and I had her food outside beside the shed. Nobody is allowed to touch her apart from me and hubby. She is scared of everything. Probably the main reason why she ran away in the end, too. She came back inside in the evening time for her nap at night time.  Slowly we transitioned her into the shed. This is where she used to sleep all the time when we lived in our previous house.

As we had two cats before, I decided to look up a new kitten. Missy would only get on with male cats. She was best friends with Bailey and they would never be apart. She followed him everywhere. I thought she might need a new buddy she could look after and run around in the garden and surrounded areas. We probably had all type of cats now at this stage but never a ginger one.

I found this cute little ginger kitten online, only six weeks old. Hubby picked it up three weeks ago. It was also supposed to be a cat for the kids to play with. As let’s be real Missy never going to play with them. Chloe was terrified of it the first week. Then my friend came over for a visit and they started playing with the kitten. She loves him ever since. She can be a rough at times with him but I keep telling her to only rub and not pick him up. She will get it eventually. He is a bit wild since the kids started playing with him but I am trying to calm him down in the evening time.

So let me introduce you to Rocky. It took us a while to find a name for him. Originally I wanted something that relates to the colour of his furr but I just couldn’t find anything online that stands out. We also have this tradition going that any cat name has to end with i or y.  He is just between eight and nine weeks old now. He is litter trained and is very playful.

He has not been introduced to the outside world.  I think he is still too small and plus there is still a lot of building work going on around us. Until that is finished, I don’t think it is an option to let him out. I’d say that’s also the reason why the other two ran away.

He loves drinking milk but is not too keen on eating dry food yet. The girl who gave away the kitten said he would eat dry food but I haven’t seen him touching it yet. He loves plain Gouda cheese. So I have been giving him that every now and again.  I know wet food can be like fast food to them so I don’t want to start him on that just yet.

The evening time he generally likes coming into the living room with us. He does a bit of playing around, jumping up on the wigwam and when he is starting to get tired, he is going for a sleep on the cushion or on our legs. He does not like being on his own at all. He is basically like a little baby. He meows when we leave him in the kitchen. But I do have to lock him in the computer room sometimes when the kids are being a bit too rough with him.

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  1. Wow 4. I think we need to have an grown up cat in the house as well that takes care of the little one.

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