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Memories become even more important to us once we have our own children. My mum has set up so many photo albums of me with her traveling, or just daily life stuff at home or in school. Back then we didn’t have the fancy technology that we have now. Negatives from old cameras had to be printed out. To be honest I do prefer photo  albums for some events.

These days I am keeping all of our photos on Dropbox. To me it is the safest place. Hubby and I had a conversation about the kids height the other day. How lovely it would be to have a height chart each in the play room and occasionally mark how tall they are. So off I went online to search for shops that do height charts. Another Irish parenting blogger recommended this company called “Memories of Growing Up” to me. I had a quick browse on their website and liked what I saw. I ordered a blue and a pink one.

The height chart is called “Tall Tape”. In a nutshell it’s a height chart rolled into a little tube so it’s kept safe for years to come. The idea is to take it out every now and again, record you child’s height and put it back in.I will stick both height charts to the wall in the kids play room and leave it up there until they are old enough and don’t grow anymore (or when they are “too old” to be measured). The Tall Tape also comes with a black marker to mark your child’s height. I think that’s a cute idea and could also make a lovely gift to first time parents. The Tall Tape is available from £10.99.

Memories of Growing up then also got in touch with me to see if I was interested in reviewing one of their memory  USB sticks. Everyone loves a memory stick and this one was particularly beautiful. It comes in a cute box.

This is such a nice little keepsake idea. Some people don’t use online storage at all and prefer a hard drive or USB stick. I know out of experience, with your first child you will take hundreds and hundreds of photos. You definitely want to have them stored somewhere safe. You can create your own folders, subfolder. Whichever way you like to have the first years structured. Me, for example, I have their first year broken down into months and then it’s one to two years and so on. The USB Stick comes in two different sizes… 16GB (£23.99) and 32GB (£29.99)

I have teamed up with Memories of Growing up to give two of my readers the chance to win one height chart and one USB stick. If you think this is something for you, then go ahead and enter. To do so, just follow the steps below. And remember entries are only valid from the UK and the Republic of Ireland. The giveaway closes 6th June.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Disclaimer: I was sent the products above for the purpose of this review, however opinion and photos are my very own.

14 thoughts on “Memories Of Growing Up – Review + Giveaway

  1. We print some photos off and put in an album and the rest are on computer at the moment

  2. I have an old external hard drive but I want to get them printed as my little boy loves to look at his granny’s photo albums.

  3. yes I measure the kids and at the moment some pictures are printed and in albums but lots our on the pc.

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