The Me and Mine Family Project February 2018

As I am writing this, we are bracing the East from the Beast. Also Storm Emma is on its way and no one is supposed to leave the house from 4pm until midday tomorrow. Being born in Germany I think it’s hilarious how the whole country comes to a standstill. It’s simply because they are not prepared with this kind of stuff. No snow equipment but then again this only happens every eight years, if even.

The month of February just whizzed by and I can’t only remember bits and pieces that we got up. Every Sunday of the month daddy was off to play tennis for the morning so it was just me and the kids. Matthew had his football lessons in that time which broke up the time nicely. At the beginning of the month it was Chloe’s third birthday. We had a little party with her cousins the weekend after. Nothing major. On Matthew’s midterm break we went to see the kids grandparents in Sligo. We had lovely weather the second day. The kids enjoyed some ice cream and walks.

Daddy was loving:

  • Tennis, tennis and lots of tennis
  • Going out for drinks with his friend in town

Mammy was loving:

  • A visit to the Cat Lounge
  • Adopting a cat from the Cat Lounge which will be with us next week (I cannot wait!!)
  • Going to the Script concert with a friend
  • Staying in hubby’s sister’s with a games night and some Chinese takeway

Matthew was loving:

  • Building a snowman (that was yesterday)
  • Walking along the beach collection stones to bring home and put on this bedside table
  • Having ice cream
  • Going for a walk in the woods
  • His new scooter he can go super fast on in the estate
  • More new Lego

Chloe was loving:

  • Her new Peppa Pig scooter
  • Her new Flopsy Rabbit teddy (from the Peter rabbit range)
  • Running around in her wellie boots (even in the house)

One thought on “The Me and Mine Family Project February 2018

  1. The kids are growing up so fast. Lovely family snap with the sun on you all. Hoping Spring is just around the corner. Sorry for late commenting catching up today. 🙂 #meandmineproejct

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