Me and Mine {January} 2017

It’s the first month of Me and Mine this year. The project where I link up one family portrait of us for each month. I am always very excited about this because it means we have photos of the four of use for years to come.

Family Portrait

Apologies in advanced but our Me and Mine photo didn’t turn out as I wanted it to this time. It was taken when we went to play mini golf in the local business park at the beginning of this month. The camera was sitting on a fountain so I think there was some water splashing in front of the camera at the time. I still treasure it though. Matthew absolutely loves playing mini golf. He only recently asked me if we can go again.

This month was going really slow for some reason. It feels like it has been January for months. The month of January was also the month I left the twenties club. How sad is that! It is very strange when I have to enter my age on a website and it is no longer 29.

Daddy was loving:

• Getting house finished
• Playing tennis and playing for the local club in leagues
• Doing stuff in the local area

Mammy was loving:

• 30th birthday weekend away in London
• Best Asian in London I had in a long time
• Small catch up with my bestie

Matthew was loving:

•  Sleeping in his own bed all night
• Receiving stickers/ 2-3 sweets when sleeping in his own bed
• Playing mini golf
• Watching Rescue Bots (Transformers)

Chloe was loving:

• Walks around the local area
• Her first Strawberry & Banana smoothie
• Peppa Pig Ride in the local shopping centre
• Playing with muffin cases and play-doh

The first day of the next month is going to be special already as my little baby girl will turn two. We are going to have a little party for her at the weekend. It is going to be close family only. She hasn’t got a clue yet at that age.

Family Portrait 2

The Me and Mine Project

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  1. Haha thanks Louise. I hope it’s not as bad. We sure did. Matthew wants to go again.

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