Me and Mine July 2017

Can you believe the summer is nearly over? Tomorrow we are entering August already. It will be Christmas before we know it.  This time last year we were busy getting ready for our first familiy holiday abroad to Spain. Unfortunately we are not going away this year. But I planned we would go to Portugal next year. Something to look forward to.

July has been a good month for us. At the beginning of the month my friend came over from Sligo and spent a weekend with us. We all had great fun in a farm not too far from where we live and enjoyed some shopping the day after. When the kids were in bed one of the evenings, we had a lazy night in, watching a movie. We are just getting too old for “going to the pub” kind of stuff. Couch evenings are the best.

Another weekend we made a trip to the local outlet and the Japanese Gardens. A lot of walking was involved and the kids were definitely wrecked after. We had great weather for it though. It makes it that much more enjoyable.

July was also the month of birthday parties and play dates. Even though Matthew has only been in the new creche since November, he made lots of new friends. He was invited to two birthday parties so far with one of them only being yesterday. Both took place in a play centre.  We are going to do the exact same for Matthew’s birthday at the end of next month. It’s just comes in handier than having 14 kids running around the house. He also had two play dates with 2 boys he played with when they were in creche. They seem like the best of friends. Hopefully the transitioning into school will go smoothly as it will be all new children.

August is a pretty free month for us with nothing in the calendar so far, other than swimming lessons Saturday mornings. It will be a month of preparing Matthew for school, mentally and physically. I have a few excursions in my head we could do around the area but that will have to be run by the man in the house first.

This month the me and mine family portrait was taken on the train at Kildare Farm Foods.

Here is what we were loving this month:

Daddy was loving:

  • The good weather
  • Playing Nintendo Switch
  • Weekend away at his parents house
  • Chloe’s improved talking

Mammy was loving:

  • Girly trip to IKEA with Chloe
  • Meeting up with a group of mums whose babies were born in August 2012 (We have been in the group since over 5 years and I only ever met some of them)
  • A day off

Matthew was loving:

  • Running off some energy in the play centre with his friends
  • His finished Transformers bedroom
  • Cinema trip to see Cars 3
  • Play dates

Chloe was loving: 

  • Her Shopkin (she literally carries it everywhere)
  • Baby cat
  • Her new cat themed room (But she hasn’t slept in it once so far)
  • A trip to IKEA
  • Walking around Japanese Gardens
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  1. Sounds like July has been fab for you. Glad August is a chilled out one for you too. I am the same preparing MM for school in September too. #meandmineproject

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