Me and Mine {May} 2017

May has been such a nice Summer month this year. There was definitely more sun than there was rain for once. We all deserve a bit of sun in Ireland after all.

This month we spent most of it outside and we also made an effort going on a few family days out. The beginning of the month it started off with a mini heatwave. We had planned to go to a children’s museum but changed plan in the end and drove up to Malahide beach, fourty minutes away from us. Matthew enjoys being on the beach and we also had a sneaky ice cream from the ice cream van.

The middle of the month we drove to a local forest park and explored the area. Lots of running around for the kids and a lovely little cafe in the middle of it all where both enjoyed a massive cookie. Hubby clearly enjoyed the forest park too and brought them again last weekend.

Our me and mine portrait of May was taken at Malahide beach. It’s funny because I think this time last year it was also taken at the beach.

Daddy was loving:

  • Kids playing
  • Tennis (He has been playing in a lot of tennis tournaments lately)
  • Garden (We finally managed to cut the grass)
  • Computer room (We got customised shelving installed recently. You may have seen it on my Instagram)

Mammy was loving:

  • Warm weather and sunshine
  • Blog On MSI in Manchester to meet some lovely bloggers
  • Which leads me to 24 hours of no “Mammy I am hungry”, “Mammy, Chloe pushed me”, some people might also call this me time
  • Three days off, just because
  • Clothes shopping

Matthew was loving:

  • Play Date with daddy’s friends son
  • Running around in the woods picking acorns
  • Finally being able to pedal on his Spiderman bike
  • Having lots of ice cream in this gorgeous weather

Chloe was loving:

  • Her first cinema experience watching the one and only Peppa Pig
  • Going for walks in the woods
  • “I cream”
  • Her new decorated room (it’s not fully there)
The Me and Mine Project

6 thoughts on “Me and Mine {May} 2017

  1. Ahhh lovely family capture. This month has been so nice to get out in the sunshine hasn’t it? Hope June is just as nice. #meandmineproject

  2. May was a good month weather wise , I hope that’s not our ‘Summer’ …. beautiful picture of you all…and yes Malahide is just beautiful ain’t it ? !

  3. Great family shot on the beach for #meandmineproject. May has definitely brought some lovely sunny days. Makes such a difference. Hopefully we’ll have lots more!

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