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Yesterday I decided to go to Mothercare to pick up some more clothing for Chloe. Her press is full of sleepsuits but to be honest I dress her more and more everyday now so I thought it would be nice to get some items in the sales. The clothes she has at the moment are 3-6 months but it is becoming a struggle to put them on because she is growing so fast which means now she is in 6-9 months clothing at 5 months of age.

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Mothercare currently has a huge sale on. Everything is 50% off whether it is clothing, nursery, pushchairs, car seats, feeding or toys.

Chloe and I decided to drive into town to take a look and see what we can get. There were so many clothes left I could have bought the whole shop but I found there was not as many items for boys. That might only be because Matthew doesn’t need any T-shirts. He grows but his figure is a bit skinnier than it was a year ago when I picked up all his T-shirts. I was only looking out for tops and light jackets/hoodies.

I picked up some lovely T-shirts for Chloe. In fact 6 of them. Aren’t they cute? Perfect for this kind of weather at the moment and it is always really warm in our house. Even if it is not as warm outside, she can always wear them over a long sleeve vest.

For Matthew all I got was a hoodie.

To give you an idea how much I saved on these items:
If I would go on a normal with no sales on, I would have spent EUR 55,40 (39,54 GBP)

But on a day like yesterday with the sale being on, all I spent was EUR 38,70 (27.62 GBP)

In my opinion that’s a great saving. And who doesn’t like a bit of a bargain?

Have you been out doing sales shopping lately or even online sales?

4 thoughts on “Mothercare Haul 50% OFF

  1. Do, I am a big fan of Mothercare. Always great clothes and great sizing I find.

  2. What’s the little birds range? I don’t think I seen it. I pick up some bits for Matthew but most of his clothes are from Next.

  3. Lovely pieces for Chloe. The girls clothes in Mothercare are always beautiful, I’m never really impressed with the boys though so I usually stick to the Little Bird range, I love the colour 🙂

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