Mummy and Me – June

I can’t believe its time for this linky again. It means another month has nearly passed. Somehow I think this year has been a year that passed the fastest. Especially thinking that Chloe will be already 5 months on 1st July. That also means I have another month before I return to work. That will be weird. Hopefully I can get  back into it because it will be nice to do something else again than feeding, burping and getting puked on.

This month I have started Chloe’s weaning journey. You will find out more about it on my blog very soon. I have also finally finisher her nursery. There will be a video tour of it coming up soon, too. She has been sleeping in her cot bed in her own room the past 3 nights. It was about time as the moses basket really was too small now at this stage.

Also this month we have been out at the sea front quite a lot because the weather was gorgeous. It does continue. We are supposed to be getting a small heatwave.

So here are my photos for this month’s “Mummy and me”. Unfortunately I only get to take selfies and not proper photos. It is just too busy with 2.

IMAG2630 IMAG2691_1 IMG-20150623-WA0014 1435429835845

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  1. We are lucky to live only 10 mins away from the Atlantic ocean but even if not Ireland is small enough to eventually reach the sea. Lol xx

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