Mummy & Me – May

This month I am linking up with Nicola’s Linky “Mummy and me” again. If you want to check out her blog go to Nicola Life Through My Eyes.

I think this was the first month this year that hasn’t been hectic. Chloe has her own little routine now, Matthew is sleeping great and we all do stuff together as a family more.

My photos this month of me and the kids aren’t that great but I don’t simply get time to take them. It happens randomly. But every mum blogger out there knows what it’s like I’m sure.

IMG_20150519_215200IMG_20150519_215019So here they are. My 2 cuties. Don’t mind the bold face on Chloe. She actually likes having pictures taken.

This month we have been busy trying to get out of the house more. I’m even going for walks with Chloe now when it’s raining. She loves being outside and why not, fresh air is good for them. We’ve planned to go on a short break this bank holiday weekend but left it in the end. I’m glad we did because  Matthew seems to be coming down with something. So a lot of cuddles happening.

What have you been up to this month?

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3 thoughts on “Mummy & Me – May

  1. he’s already fine. Not sure what it was. Just spiked temperature that was all. Could have eaten something wrong maybe.

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