Mummy’s H&M Summer Haul

I am really taking advantage of this new H&M Online shop in Ireland. This week I placed my third order. First one was for the hubby, second one for the kids and now it was mummy’s turn to spoil herself. Now I have to admit one or two things sneaked in again for the kids. But it’s all stuff they are actually in need of and I forgot to include in the previous order.

I might have mentioned a few times previously that we are going on our first summer holiday in August this year. We are going to Spain and I cannot wait. We are finally getting some sun and most important heat. Generally people from Ireland go around May/June or September to avoid the heat but I am so used to going during the actual summer month. My mum and I have been going on holidays in July/August since I was 5 years of age. I am well used to the heat, plus when I still lived in Germany, it’s always hot during the summer. It’s a bit frustrating and depressing living in Ireland when it always rains so it’s nice to get away for a few days this year.

Because the weather is so bad, I wouldn’t necessarily have many summer clothes so I had to go on a shopping spree online. I am not that kind of person who likes to browse around in shops and find something. I know the advantage of it is you can actually try it on but I don’t mind sending it back if it doesn’t fit.

Jersery Top with Print €9.99

hmprod (2) hmprod (7)

I got these two t-shirts for a steal price. At the moment, as stated above, they are €9.99 but a week ago they had a sale on and I got both for €4.99 each which I find a bargain really.

Patterned jersey vest top €9.99

hmprod (3)

I loved the design on this vest. I always like to try out something different. The vest is really comfortable and nice and long. You could even wear this on a night out, that’s how nice it looks.

Sleeveless top €9.99

hmprod (4)

Again a style I normally wouldn’t go for but I kept this vest. Simply because I want up my style, Not that I know much about fashion.

Slub Jersey Top €14.99

hmprod (5)

This T-Shirt is lovely to wear with any cardigan or on its own. The air conditioning is broken in our office and unfortunately it gets warm very quickly, even in the winter time. For that reason I needed a few more t-shirts in the press.

Sweatshirt shorts €9.99

hmprod (1)

These shorts are baggy and comfortable. Great to throw on when going to the beach. I am  a big fan of shorts.

Denim Shorts €14.99

hmprod (6)

I mainly bought these to go with my leggings. I have another pair from H&M that I bought last year which are now too big on me because I dropped a clothes size and a half.

So what’s left to buy for the summer holiday then? Well, I think I need a new pair of flip flops and a general pair of sandals. I also need a new bikini, again because I dropped a clothes size. Apart from that I should be all kitted out I hope.

Are you going on a summer holiday this year? Have you been going shopping for it?

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