My Blogging Corner Wish List – The IKEA Version

I have been thinking about the area/place I blog in for quite some time now. Before Christmas 2014 I used to blog on my phone. To some that might sound odd but up until that point I didn’t take blogging that serious. Christmas 2014 I was gifted with a netbook by my kind hubby. This took blogging to another level for me and it made things a lot easier, especially when it comes to editing photos. I was a pain trying to do that on the phone and it  was kind of unprofessional in a way. These days I am using my Sony camera a bit more which means I would need an SD slot which again you don’t have on a phone.
The touch pad on my netbook can be quite annoying sometime so right now I am in the middle of purchasing a proper mouse. I used to have for my old laptop but it broke. Again that will make things quicker too, navigating to folders and websites for example.

Sitting on the couch doing the blogging business might sound comfy and relaxing but you can get carried away sometimes with hubby watching TV for instance. One day I’d really love to have my own little blogging corner. At the moment I am decluttering our house. It’s mad how much can be build up over the years especially when you have kids with all the different toys. I have a storage unit sitting in the corner ready to be build. I hope I can make up some space then and find a little corner to do my blog work.

Office Desk – €50


Most important thing would be a desk of course. I don’t want a desk that takes up too much space but still has enough space to fit the laptop/PC, a lamp and maybe some small bits and pieces on it like stationary or storage boxes. I found this on the IKEA website. I find IKEA is brilliant for furniture. The quality is way better than Argos in my opinion. (That’s based on past experience)


Office Chair – €90


With that I need a good chair. I am not quite sure yet if I want to have one on wheels or a stable chair. It all depends on where my little corner will be located because we have carpets upstairs but laminate downstairs. This white chair fits in well with the white desk. I do like my arm chairs. I just simply can’t have a chair that has no arms on it. It goes the same in work.

LED Work Lamp – €17


Most of my blogging is done in the evening time when the kids are in bed because during the week I am working full-time 5 days a week. Sometimes when I get an idea in my head, I might write it down on my phone until I get time to get onto the laptop. This little lamp is so handy to have in the house as well as on the go. It works powered by the mains but also you can plug it into your laptop with its USB cable. Pretty handy, huh?

Mini Chest of Drawers – €20


I have bought this drawer quite a while ago but so far I had no use for it. I like the unfinished surface of it. I used to have one before but decorated it.

Pen Cup – €2.50


When blogging you don’t just use your laptop. A lot of bloggers are using a diary or a blogging journal to collect their ideas in. To do that you need pens. To keep them all together these pen cups are quite handy to add as a decor onto the desk.

As an addition I’d like to maybe put 1 or 2 frames on the wall with a blog quotation in it to basically make it my little corner. I haven’t decided what yet but that would be the finishing touches anyway.

Eventually I would like to buy myself a small PC if possible. The netbook has gone really slow and it’s sometimes holding me up and basically causes double the work for me. Unfortunately I can’t use my old laptop anymore because when Matthew was still a toddler, he loved sitting in front of it and just bang on the keyboard…maybe a bit too much. So you can imagine some keys are missing and to get that replaced, I might be better off buying something new.

Where do you blog? Do you have a little blogging corner?

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11 thoughts on “My Blogging Corner Wish List – The IKEA Version

  1. Yeah, unfortunately we live 2 1/2 hours from IKEA but I pop in every now and then. It’s great to have a cheap lunch too. x

  2. Ahhh, your blogging story and journey sounds so similar to mine. I started blogging on my iphone too when my little one was only a couple of months old. Hubs then gifted me with a mac when got me properly on the road to blogging a bit more seriously, and now three years down the line after finally buying our first house we have the space for me to set up my own proper little blogging corner in the next few weeks. Its literally a dream come true and feels like the next stage in my blogging journey. I wrote a post recently about it and loved reading yours 🙂 Emily #TheList

  3. I love all of your ideas and I think Ikea is my favourite place to shop! I’m actually heading over next Sunday to kit out our playroom! We bought a new house back in September and I actually have an office but it’s work in progress at the moment having just been plastered. Its taken a back seat as our bedroom is priority with a new baby due in 6 weeks and me currently sleeping on the floor. I am itching to get my office up and running though, there just isn’t enough time in the day working 5 days a week or enough money in the bank to pay someone else haha

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