My Childhood Toys vs. Toys from Today

At the age of 2 Matthew has a lot of toys already and it brought me back to my days as a child when I was playing with toys of my own. That gave me the idea to write a post about it on how different or not different the toys are these days compared to 20-30 years ago. By the way, I had great toys.

#1 One of my all time favorite toys when I was a kid was this truck. I spent so much time with it. As a girl you wouldn’t think I would play with such toys, but in the olden days anything was good fun, whether it is more a boys toy or not. What I liked most about it was that there was just enough space for me to sit on it, drive around on it and go down the hills.


Nowadays it would be more something like this. My son actually has this. He likes it but is yet too young to get the most fun out of it. It is brilliant for hours of fun in the sandpit.


#2 This was the bike I had:


Smart trikes are very popular these days. You can use them from 9 months up and convert them up to the age of about 5 years. This is the one we have now. We are getting so much use out of it. He just loves going for walks on it.


#3 I had 2 scooters as a kid. I loved both. The one below was made out of wood but yet it was still so sturdy and stable.

holz-roller-peter_kp-family-toys_201200002672I liked the one below because it had a seat as well. It was the closes image I could find but mine was more blue/red.


Matthew is yet too young to go on a scooter but he likes pushing around the neighbors one. So I am looking forward when he is at the age of going onto this own scooter and ride around the estate.


#4 This was my humming centrifugal:


I don’t think this toy is known in Ireland but I am glad my son’s godmother got him one too. He likes turning it himself now but as a baby he found it hilarious.


#5 Building your own village… trees, houses etc made out of wood.


I am not even aware of any wooden pretend play toys today. I think most of it now is plastic. If you do know of some though let me know.

#6 Puppet shows was huge in my days.


#7 You are waiting for the toys that make a lot of noise don’t you? Don’t worry I had those, too. This one is like a keyboard but you blow into it.


There are 2 toys in our house right now that make a lot of noise… A drum and a xylophone…



#9 Cube Jigsaws… How I loved these…


Matthew is a big fan of jigsaws I have to say. Unfortunately Smyths doesn’t seem to have many at the moment so all we have right now is farm and number jigsaws. If you know of any good websites where you can get toddler jigsaws it would be much appreciated.


#9 The Playmobil Farm is probably the one I got the most out of as a child. So much that my mum kept it for me and wanted Matthew to have it. So when he is maybe about 3 or 4 years of age I will be able to hand it over to him and hopefully he will get as much fun out of it as I did.


#10 One a lot of people might remember… The good old Game boy. I had the grey one and the transparent one.

Nintendo Gameboy

Right now Matthew is enjoying a more educational device. It’s a laptop from Leapfrog that teaches you about the alphabet, animals and much more. He loves it.


This post should give new mums an idea of what toys are out there to buy for your little ones. Again I would love to see/hear what toys you got for your little ones and how much fun they got out of it.

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3 thoughts on “My Childhood Toys vs. Toys from Today

  1. It is great to see the comparison. I love toys that look retro and a bit old school. Thanks for linking up to #TheList x

  2. I had a great farm that I wanted to keep for my own children but I found out my parents had given it away Tommy cousin’s children. I think they had given up on me!

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