My Favourite Sandwich Fillings

It’s lunch time in your house. All you have in the fridge is ham and cheese. The good old ham and cheese sandwich toasted. Aren’t you getting sick of it?
Lately I got really sick of it and thought something new needs to come into the house that is kind of budget friendly and not too expensive.

Well I found it in our local shop Centra. Let me share my favourite sandwich with you.

2015-04-10 13.31.16

It is so simple but yet tasty.

All you need is
Wholemeal Bread (I use this one because it is healthier than white. I can’t even remember the last time I had white bread)
Chicken Pieces, whether you get the normal chicken or Tikka, both is nice.
Baby Leafs
Grated Cheese

Spread it all on your sandwich and you have a delicious, healthy but filling sandwich.

2015-04-10 13.36.37


2015-04-10 13.37.03


I am not gonna lie but I had this sandwich everyday the last week so far and I am not sick of it yet. That’s how good it is.
2015-04-10 13.40.33My cat Bailey can’t deny it either. I let him have a bit of the chicken.

What’s your favourite sandwich filler?

4 thoughts on “My Favourite Sandwich Fillings

  1. Love paninis and wraps. But wraps can get so messy if you don’t know how you wrap them.

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