My #NextmasWishlist

Since having kids I have become quite obsessed with Next. I even buy clothes for myself a lot now. It makes it even more appealing considering they have next day delivery if you order by 10pm. At the moment I am trying to get more into their Home section. There are some lovely things out there. Matthew’s room hasn’t  been changed since he was born so right now he still has a Winnie Pooh theme and he is getting a bit too old for it, so I am in the middle of planning to redecorate his room.


1. Chino Shorts

It’s really fun shopping for clothes at the moment because I have lost all my pregnancy weight minus even more. I haven’t been this skinny in probably 6 or 7 years which is a big achievement. Just in time for our wedding next July. I wear leggings a lot so would like to combine them with this pair of chinos.

2. Pyjamas

Who doesn’t need a new pair of pyjamas? I bought a pair from Next last year which had fleecy bottoms but because I lost the weight unfortunately the top is a bit big on me so I would really like some new ones now. I am the kind of person who cannot sleep with long sleeved tops.

3. Birthday Top

My little princess is turning one on 1st February. This top would fit well into it and she can always wear it after, too. Her big brother Matthew has one too with “I am 3” on it.

4. Bathroom cupboard

I always need to have a little project going in the house taking aside blogging. Bit by bit I want to update all rooms. The bathroom needs a new cupboard because the one I have is a bit broken and I can’t close the door properly any more. I am going for the wooden theme in the bathroom I think.

5. Chandelier

The landing light has been annoying me for quite some time. In fact over 6 years. It just doesn’t look nice. It has one of these paper shade thingys around which means it makes it look really cheap. The chandelier would fit well into it. Generally these are really expensive but for £50 I don’t think you can argue.

6. Bedset

As mentioned above Matthew’s room needs an upgrade. He is the typical kind of boy. He loves cars, trains, airplanes etc. First I thought I will go for the Thomas the Tank Engine or Disney cars theme but I think I might keep it simple and upgrade it with a simple car theme. This bedset could be the start of it.

7. Toilet Roll Stand Storage

We do have a toilet roll holder and stand BUT when the holder was put in when we moved into the house they never thought of the position. It is so hard to reach and you nearly have to go out of your way to reach the toilet paper. Having this standing beside the toilet would make things so much easier.

8. Blue Light Shade

With the car theme of Matthew’s future room this lovely shade would go well with it. At the moment I have a Winnie Pooh paper shade. I love the way it has 3 different shade of blue.

9. Black Sparkle Leggings

I’ve said it many many times in some of my posts. I love leggings. They are so comfy and they go with absolutely everything. I am going to have to treat myself to these stylish leggings which have a bit of sparkle on it. It would be rude not to.

10. Sleepsuits

At the age of 10 months Chloe has nearly outgrown of all her 6-9 months Next sleepsuits. It’s funny because top wise she is in 9-12 months a long time. She gets a great wear out of this so I will have to purchase some new sleepsuits in the next week or two. I can’t fault the Next sleepsuits. Matthew lived in these.

Is there anything you have spotted recently on their website you would love?

12 thoughts on “My #NextmasWishlist

  1. LOVE the leggings! I have to find a pair like those! It’s so hard to find a good pair of stylish leggings in Portugal! Love your list! 😀

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