My other hobby- Snail Mail

Today I’m telling you about about my other hobby that probably takes up a bit more time than blogging…Writing letters also known as Snail Mail.

I think it’s nice to receive a letter in the post other than junk mail, utility bills or similiar. Every time I receive a letter in the post box it’s like Christmas. Seriously, I am always so happy and excited about receiving mail in the post. Even better when you get little gifts with it. It’s incredible what some people come up with.


Yesterday I actually got new stationary from Etsy. They have so much nice stuff stationary wise. Unfortunately most of it is from the US so it takes time to receive it if you live in Ireland but once you received it it’s so worth it. The one above I purchased from a shop called Puchimo if you want to have a look at it. But there’s so much more amazing stuff out there.

I started penpaling at the age of 16. I took a long break when I turned 21. Just didn’t have the time anymore. Just less than a year ago I thought I’d take it up again. Another hobby on the side for the evening time when my son is in his bed. I’m glad I did. Right now I have about 7 pen pals who live in Germany, Australia, the Netherlands and the US. I’d say I would take up another 13 to reach the 20.

My post box is so empty and sad at the moment.  It needs more happy mail.

Are you a person who likes to write emails and just send it off quick or do you prefer the old style and write letters and post them off?

3 thoughts on “My other hobby- Snail Mail

  1. Oh I do love receiving and writing snail mail. Love the old school. I’ve just set a pen pal scenario for my 4 year old so he can experience and appreciate that kind of communication.
    Cute stationary! It’s all about cute stationary!

  2. You definitely should. The way I found my pen pals was via instagram really just uploading a photo and adding a few hashtags regarding looking for pen pals. I had existing ones left from years ago too.

  3. I was a big letter-writer when I was at highschool but it dropped off in my 20s as I didn’t really have anyone to write to anymore. I really should get back in to it though because I am a bit of a stationery junkie and I do love to receive mail and give the old handwriting a workout from time to time!

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