My Summer wardrobe

Today I cleared out all my clothes in the wardrobe that have been sitting there for over a year. If I haven’t worn them that long, then they can certainly leave my wardrobe and go for charity. That way other people get to wear them who are less fortune.

Hubby always tells me how many clothes I buy and I have too many… I can honestly tell you now that my wardrobe is pretty much empty. There’s a few dresses, cardigans and t-shirts. That’s about it. But there was one thing I was very happy about. There are 2 pairs of jeans in the press that never fitted since my first pregnancy. Now after giving birth to Chloe only 5 months ago I fit into both of them. Isn’t that mad? I kept them of course to combine them with tops and stuff.



I went on a shopping spree online to fill up my wardrobe again. It takes time to find the right clothes as you have to go through pages and pages.

The white shirt I actually bought in Primark 2 weekends ago.

The white t-shirt and floral trousers I ordered in New Look.

The shorts I picked up at a sale in H&M at the same I got the white shirt.

All these clothes will be great to wear when I go on my mini holiday in Germany to visit my friend next week. Right now it’s tropical weather over there. In some places the temperatures are rising up to 40℃.

This is only the start of filling up my wardrobe again. I am struggling to find good online shops to browse for clothes because our town is not really great for clothes shopping I have to say and I prefer doing it online anyway.

Where do you do your online clothes shopping? I’d like to hear about it to add more variety to my wardrobe. 

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