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When your children start to attend nursery, play school, creche or school, it can be hard to keep their bits and pieces together. Some children may have the same bag, others may have the same coat. The minders are trying their best to keep each children’s stuff together but sometimes you might need to label it. I had a situation where Chloe had the same pair of shoes as two other girls. Now luckily she grew out of them and I bought a complete different pair then but it can happen again.


When My NameTags got in touch to try out their online service for ordering labels I jumped at the opportunity. I used them in the past but was actually out of them. I was able to order a set for each child.

There are several different labels you can choose from including iron on labels which are handy when your child attends school. The most popular labels are the coloured stickers which come in a pack of 56. My  NameTags are said to be the best labels in Ireland and so far I can’t really disagree with that as mentioned above, I have used them before.

As you enter the website and select your 56 colour stickers option, you type in the child’s name that goes onto the label. It is recommended to put the first name in line 1 and the second name in line 2, just to make it more readable. There are six different fonts you can choose from and several different colours. Next up is the design. Chloe is obsessed with cats so for her stickers, I decided to add a cat beside her name. Whereas Matthew loves Transfomers and police cars, I chose a police car beside his name. Last job is to choose the background of the label. I simply went with blue for boy and pink for girl.

Your labels arrive within ten working days. In saying that, mine arrived within five days or less as far as I can remember, so it is a really quick delivery. The cost of 56 colour stickers is €16.95 with free postage.

I have teamed up with My NameTags to give one my readers the chance to win a set of 56 colour stickers. All you have to do is enter below and follow the steps. The giveaway is open to residents in Ireland and the UK only. It closes 6th April. Good luck!

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18 thoughts on “My NameTags Review + Giveaway

  1. My little girl is soon to start school and the name tags she had for pre school just don’t cut it – boring and peeling!!

  2. I’d use these for my daughter’s uniform, particularly when she starts Reception in September. Her uniforms are rather expensive, so I’ve been picking up some used uniforms. That means many are already labeled, so I need something strong to cover them.

  3. My daughter could do with some new nametags. She is always wanting to take her favourite toys in for ‘show and tell’ at school so this would be a great way of naming them as well as naming her clothing. x

  4. My 4 year old little girl starts school in September and these would be ideal for her uniform. The designs are lovely.

  5. these would be perfect for our little Grandson, everything at Nursery needs to be labelled

  6. I would give these to my sister to put on my niece’s things as it’s not long until she starts school eek (proud Auntie)!

  7. Would love to win this for my nephew starting creche this summer. He is 2 1/2y and super excited. 🙂

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