Our Little Tikes Collection

We are huge fans of Little Tikes in our house. Main reason is because every item is so robust and sturdy and it doesn’t break at all. I thought it might be fun to do a round up to see what we  have bought so far. I was surprised how much it actually was, when I listed everything in notepad.

  1. Smart Trike


We got a lot of time out of this. It is from 9 months onwards and I only bought it for Matthew’s 1st birthday but he loves even using it now. He is not able to pedal yet but it is on our list to teach him. He doesn’t get the idea of pushing down to be able to go forward.

2. Drum


Can be loud but great for entertainment. Making music is great for little ones.

3. Xylophone


Matching to the noisy drum we also have the xylophone. I am able to play keyboard, so I sometimes play Matthew and Chloe a little tune on it.

4. Sea Saw


This might be surprising to some parents but the seasaw is actually the only toy we haven’t used much. I can count on my fingers how many times Matthew sat on it. The only reason why I kept it, is because I am hoping Chloe will use it more…blue or not.

5. Mini Cycle


This is without question his most favourite toy of all time. I am surprised that it hasn’t broken yet. Having Chloe now, we are not going out much any more but when we do he always needs to go on this. He is 3 years old now so might get a bit too big for it but if he still gets fun out of it, why not.

7. Dump Truck




This is being kept outside in Matthew’s sandpit. He is mainly using this driving around outside in the garden and putting sand into it. Once sand is in it, he is emptying it back into the sandpit ( or sometimes outside of it!)


8. Little Coupe

2015-04-06 14.41.29

This toy is a must for all parents and pretty much every parent I know have one of them. Whether it is the traditional coupe one or even a police car. They are great to push around. Even if your little one can’t push it around yet, it comes with an insert to put their feet up and you can push them.

9. Big Car Carrier



As you can probably gather from all the Little Tikes toys he has, he has too many. For that reason I am not keeping all his toys downstairs. This is one of them that is kept in his room. His room isn’t big really but he loves this one because the cars are so big and chunky to push around.

10. Little Cottage

2015-06-09 18.08.26The play house is our most recent purchase. I wanted something like this for Matthew for so long. In the apartment block across the way from us they used to have one and he could have spent ours in it. There is one in creche too so would only be wrong not to have one. This is also available in red. I’ve seen that it is very popular in the blogger world at the moment which is why it convinced me to buy it.

Is there any products/brands you particularly buy?

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29 thoughts on “Our Little Tikes Collection

  1. Oh I know all about the weather in Ireland. The cottage is not used much because of the bad weather.

  2. you found it so. There is different type of smart trikes. This one I bought 2 years ago I don’t know if it is still around.

  3. definitely be something for xmas. Matthew has so many toys I don’t even want to buy any more for xmas lol

  4. I got my niece the little coupe for her 1st birthday. She loves it. She washes it like it’s a proper car. So cute. I got a personalised licence plate for it as well.

  5. I dont have any kids of my own but I remember so many of these from when I was younger, or at least similar toys. I had a little Barbie play house that I loved and was able to pas onto my little neighbours when i got older. So many good memories!

  6. I love Little Tikes products. We have quite a good selection of our own. I love how sturdy they are, which is ideal when you have a boisterious 19 month old!

    Cat x

  7. My nephew has the car, the dump truck and the blue horse, absolutely loves every one of them! They are very robust toys so well worth the money.

  8. I don’t think we have that brand here in Portugal but oh boy! They sure have a great collection! I feel I’m gonna lose my mind the moment I get to be a mommy because I find kid’s toys soooooo cute! hahahahaha
    Anna C. recently posted…Fashion du JourMy Profile

  9. Little tikes really are such a great brand. We also have the car and the truck. The see saws are great too. The house looks fantastic we are looking to get our two one for Christmas. Great round up post of the items you have from them x

  10. Loved your post! We are the same in our house, We have had two of the little Coupes a pink one and police car. They are all made so well and last so long. We have a log cabin by Little Tykes in our front room (weather is so bad in Ireland the children would not get a chance to play in it outside) and they spend all their time in itx

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