Paw Patrol Invasion

2015-09-20 20.51.59

Recently Matthew developed a passion for the new TV programme “Paw Patrol” which is broadcast on Nick Junior. This series about pups who rescue the day. whether it is a dolphin stuck in the shore or the cat stuck up a tree. It is a quite catchy programme and if I am honest I like watching it myself. Matthew is a huge fan of Thomas the Tank Engine, if not even the biggest, but Paw Patrol is slowly creeping up to it.

3 weeks ago it was Matthew’s 3rd birthday and I thought a long time what to buy, as there are so many things he likes to play with lately. After a long time of discussing his presents with daddy, we decided we would go for the look out.

2015-09-20 20.51.59

It wasn’t the cheapest toy but lately all he has been getting were trains, cars etc. All small bits basically so I wanted to get something big where he gets a lot of play time out of. The lookout comes with a pup character and the car for the pup. It’s pup Chase if anyone watches the show.

As there was only one character with it, I found that he didn’t get much enjoyment out of it. Today we went to one of Matthew’s creche friends house. They have so many toys. There are 2 boys so you can imagine there were plenty of new toys for him to discover including trucks and dinosaurs. But both kids are also into Paw Patrol. This
This weekend Smyths has 20% off of all toys. Perfect opportunity to pick up a few more characters. I just couldn’t wait until Christmas. So daddy and Matthew went off in the afternoon today and bought more.

2015-09-20 20.47.58

The on the left in this picture came with the look out actually. The other 2 daddy and Matthew picked up today. He picked both himself, even though he was only allowed to purchase one but I let him off. He loves helicopter which meant Sky had to come with him too. All pups heads and legs can be moved.

2015-09-20 20.49.08

Daddy bought these for the look out. I had my eyes on them ages ago but I never dared to bring them home. You press the little badge on the pups chest and it pops up the digger/water cannon. It’s pretty cool. Matthew particularly likes Marshall which is the one with water cannon. He runs around with it pretending water is coming out of it and making the sound effects too.

2015-09-20 20.46.40

These 3 are just push along cars I picked up for Matthew for his birthday too. He likes bringing them in to play with his Thomas toys and other cars.

For sure he is sorted with toys until Christmas. I haven’t actually started looking into what he gets for Christmas but I am planning to keep a budget because he generally just gets too much.

Is your little one into a particular cartoon series? Share them with me below.


2 thoughts on “Paw Patrol Invasion

  1. Definitely do. He will get hooked automatically. I think it is fact it has dogs in it. I just hope he doesn’t look for a dog now because I am a cat person lol x

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