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We are big fans of Peppa Pig in our house. There is no doubt. Every night before bed we are sitting down on the couch to read a Peppa Pig story. We read it so often that Matthew knows certain sentences off by heart.

So how big is our Peppa Pig book collection you are wondering?


Personally I like the board books best. They are strong and great for little hands to turn the page. Chloe will be getting great use out of them too as Matthew is turning 3 now he finds more interest in longer stories.

Family Editions

My Mummy, My Daddy, My Grandma, My Grandpa


Board books we have collected

1. The Fire Engine
2. Daddy Pig’s Fun Run
3. Peppa Goes to the Library
4. Peppa’s Washing Day
5. Peppa’s First Pet
6. Peppa and the Big Train
7. Peppa goes to Hospital
8. Baby Alexander
9. Peppa’s Big Race

Peppa’s Easter Egg Hunt



Furthermore I have started buying paperback books too. Matthew loves the longer stories now and they are great for this kind of stuff and at the same time he is learning for example about the tooth fairy and how important brushing teeth is.



Isn’t it cute? Dr. Elephant explains how to keep your teeth clean and healthy, how to brush your teeth and what happens when your milk teeth fall out. These books are quite large. I picked them up in Asda a few months ago.


These 2 paperback books are bit smaller but like the big ones a long story in each of them as well. All books are made from Ladybird. I think you can never have too many books. I am still looking for more whenever I browse in the shops.

Are you a fan of Peppa Pig, do you collect the books? Have you got any that are not in our collection?

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  1. We love Peppa in this house too! I really like the tooth fairy book. We are having trouble trying to convince A to brush his teeth so I think this might be a good way to encourage him so I think I’m going to pick it up!

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