Play-Doh Swirl And Scoop Ice Cream Review


I was never a fan of mess. I am trying to keep mess at a minimum in our house. Arts and crafts doesn’t really exist in our house, only up until recently. Not just from the mess side but also because I am not a big fan of arts and crafts. I do like to look up certain stuff for Halloween or Christmas and make it myself but generally it’s a “no no”. Thankfully though the kids get to do lots of arts and crafts in creche. I have a box full of stuff that I need to sort out.

Play Doh is one of those things that you will definitely clean up off the floor after the kids are finished it. The most annoying part is when it’s stuck the clothes or shoes. Despite all that, for Matthew’s fourth birthday, which was at the end of August, I decided to buy him Play Doh. A bit late to the party but I thought he will be old enough now to play with it properly. Plus, there are ads on the TV and he actually has been asking to get Play Doh.

As he loves playing with Play Doh in creche and he loves ice cream, I bought him the Play Doh Swirl and Scoop Ice Cream machine. It comes with 5 cans of Play Doh where 3 of them are Play Doh Plus compound. You have the option between dish or cone. The easy-squeeze handle makes it simple for little hands to use.



I actually really enjoy playing with it. Matthew wants to pretty much make ice cream everyday. But the coolest thing of all, is all the different mould options you get around the ice cream machine. You can mould a strawberry, a gingerbread man, a banana, a heart, a present, etc.It’s great fun. You can then put them onto the ice cream as decoration. Make a Banana Split or a Strawberry Sundae.

On each sides there are two shelves. Use them to show off your masterpieces. You can make some serious looking creations with it. The set comes with two scoops as well. So you don’t have to just swirl.


Honestly I am well impressed with this and I am sure we will have continuous fun with it.
Right now this ice cream maker is on sale for only €17.99 in Smyths if you fancy it for your little one or maybe an early buy as a Christmas present. It’s ok to mention the “C” word at the end of September, right?

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