Possible Playroom Options

Now that we have 2 kids the toys are going to fill up even more once Chloe gets older. I find girls have way more stuff too than boys which means the living room and kitchen is going to look ridiculous with all the toys stocked up. Our house is the perfect house for us except for the fact that we have no actual play room for the kids.

Option 1 

We have been thinking of getting an extension to the back of the garden just big enough to be a play room. We even had an architect involved in it who drew a few samples for us. The idea would have been to have sliding doors from the kitchen into the play room with a door to the garden, a TV and a  couch to relax on. The rest would be filled with toys. Of course in a storage system kind of way so it doesn’t look messy. I was planning to have windows as low so the kids can sit on the window sill and look out. For a bit of lighting to come in above, 2 roof windows would be brilliant. Recently I found this great website who sells blinds for roof windows. The company is called Itzala. What I find so good about them is that they have Disney blinds. How cool would that be. They just scream at you to be used in a play room.

Now you are probably wondering why I am writing “oh it would be so cool” and so on and so forth. Well we have decided against it now because I don’t want to lose my lovely garden. I do know we don’t get many nice days in Ireland to be outside in the garden but it is great to look out to too. Matthew has a sandpit out there now which he loves playing in. There wouldn’t be enough room anymore if you had an extension or it would be cramped at least.


Option 2

This was to have an attic conversion and the architect laid out to us how he would have the stairs going up to it. There was just 2 negative points to it that I didn’t want. First of we have 2 water tanks in the middle of it. These would have to be moved to the side. It might not be a big deal but we had so many problems with the hot water when we moved into the house that I don’t want to risk it. The other thing was that you can’t stand up fully.


So let’s move onto option 3 which will be our future play room for the kids.

We have a spare bed room. Right now this is used for me and Chloe to sleep in. Once she moves into her own room it will be free again. We are planning to convert it into a play room. It’s a good size and realistically we never have anyone staying with us really. And if we do we have the most comfortable double airbed to sleep on. I haven’t decided when we are going to work on this but floors will have to be put down for it first as right now it’s carpet. I am a big DIY fan to do up walls so this one will have a nice touch too. I already have a few things in my mind but I keep you up to date on this little project of mine.


Do you have a play room or did you have to convert one of the rooms in the house into one?

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