Pregnancy Update – 37 weeks


I haven’t really posted anything about my second pregnancy on my blog but now that everything is finally coming to an end I think I should all prepare you.

I am going to be 37 weeks pregnant on Monday which leads me to the end of my pregnancy. I am going to start maternity leave on Friday. Same as Matthew I’d say this one will be late arriving, too. Matthew was 10 days overdue. I am hoping this one won’t take as much time though. My due date is February 9th. It would be nice to have it on Valentine’s Day as a special day but unfortunately I can’t predict or get involved. Baby comes when it wants to. I just hope for no induction.

Just like the last pregnancy this pregnancy has been easy for me, too. I never had any morning sickness. The last 4 weeks are hard and uncomfortable though. Baby is getting bigger and bigger and slowly finding no more space in there.

The only difference to the last pregnancy is that baby has been kicking like mad. I have  never had anything like it. Very active. Once I get my blogging time in the evening where I would normally sit down on the couch to relax baby goes mad kicking. I hope this doesn’t mean it is going to be a trouble maker later in life. It could just also be a big baby but my consultant has told me it will be average. Matthew was 7lbs 2oz, I am hoping for the same kind of weight.

Sleeping has become problematic because of the amount of kicking but I am trying to make it as comfortable for baby as I can so I do get my 6-7 hours sleep.

Even though  Matthew is only 28 months old he does kind of realize that mummy has a baby in her belly. He kisses my stomach and says “baby”. He also tried to feed it bottle which is so cute I find. Today he tried to give the baby rice cake. I wonder how he will react, once the baby is actually out. I reckon he is going to be a great big brother. He loves helping out.

Mums with 2 kids, how long did it take you to find a proper routine with a newborn and a toddler? Take your guess on baby’s arrival!


3 thoughts on “Pregnancy Update – 37 weeks

  1. My little girl was a bit older when new baby arrived, she had just turned 3. She wanted a sister and unfortunately for her it was a baby boy. She struggled to adjust. She still asks for a sister almost a year later too. Eventually as he began gooing and gaaing and started to look up to her she caved and became a great big sister. There was almost a rivalry for my attention. They are both content now thankfully.
    Enjoy your last few weeks! Maybe buy Matthew a gift and pack it in your hospital bag from baby. And organise dad to bring him shopping for a gift for baby too.

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