Pregnancy Update – 38 Weeks

38 weeks


And another week has gone by. I am officially on maternity leave now. So time to put those feet up and relax for the next 2/3 weeks.

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This afternoon I have finally managed to pack my hospital bag. About time but I know this baby will be late too. I have a feeling.
I decided to use the PacaPod Changing Bag which I won Dolly Dowsie’s Blog a few months ago. You wouldn’t believe the amount of stuff that fits into it. I love it already. It has all the baby bits in it that I need and the suitcase is basically all my stuff for the hospital stay.

In my last pregnancy update I mentioned how uncomfortable I was getting. Well, that improved a bit now and I am able to get around the house a bit, do a few chores and go into town. My cats are already loving the fact I am on maternity leave. I never let them in anymore since I had Matthew because I don’t get enough time to play with them anymore but now they get great quality time inside and have sleep ins on the couch with me during the day.


Today I have only noticed that I haven’t continued writing my bump journal every week which is a shame because Matthew’s one is filled with sentences and information about my first pregnancy. But then again there is nothing major that did happen in the second trimester. This journal is so cute though. Did you use a journal to record all those special pregnancy moments when you were expecting?

pregnancy journal


I am not planning on doing anything mad to get that baby out on time. I know there is some wife’s tales out there that is saying if you drink raspberry tea that gets things going or eat anything spicy. Baby will come when it’s ready. I wasn’t induced with Matthew but I had an induction date on the day he was born. I am only taking my guesses here but I’d say this one will be about 8 days overdue without any induction required. Fingers crossed.

I reckon will do a lot of blogging in my free day time now because Matthew will continue going to creche. I just think it is better for him to stay social with his little friends rather being stuck with me in the house.

If you have any nice suggestions, what I can do for the next 2/3 weeks keep them coming my way. Right now I love keeping the house tidy. Nesting is a beautiful thing.

6 thoughts on “Pregnancy Update – 38 Weeks

  1. Thanks Kerry. 🙂
    The hours fly in the day but the days don’t that much. But then again it is already Friday tomorrow. Wonder how far over I will go this time. xx

  2. Thanks for that. 🙂
    At least I don’t have him too much on my hand. Just evening and weekends. So its not too bad.
    Hopefully it won’t take too much time to find a routine with 2 children.

  3. Just popped in, I love the set up of your blog. As for your regular bump update, my poor number four is horrified at how few photos we have of her.
    Enjoy these waiting days, although I know that’s not easy with a little one.

  4. Not a big fan of crochet. I don’t have the patience for it. lol But I will take you up on the facebook group offer.

  5. I learned to crochet to pass the time for those two peaceful weeks of maternity leave before my daughter arrived. I recommend it!

    Or you could join us in the Irish Parenting Bloggers Facebook group and we’ll distract you to pass the time!

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