Matthew’s 3rd Birthday Wishlist

It’s just 11 days left until my little baby will turn 3 years of age. I can’t believe that he will be that age already. This means he is certainly not a baby anymore and saddest of all I can’t call him a toddler.

Originally I didn’t plan on buying him a lot for his birthday as his daddy bought him a bike a few months ago and that was supposed to be one of his big presents, but he is not really interested in it yet and doesn’t know how to pedal so we keep that one off for a while.

But here’s a list of other things I’d like to get him and unwrap when the big day comes:

1. Paw Patrol Lookout Play Set


Matthew is big into paw patrol at the moment. He is fascinated by the music and sounds when the episodes come on TV. He even knows the phrase they always use which is “To the rescue”. It is hilarious when he plays with his cars and trains and all of the sudden he uses that phrase.

2. Paw Patrol Racers Team Pack


All Matthew does every day is play with his cars and trains on the floor. It would be great to add on a few new vehicles to his collection. Nothing else other than paw patrol vehicles.

3. Peppa Pig Holiday Deluxe Campervan Play Set


3 years is a great age to start playing with smaller pieces. Before I was afraid he will eat them or choke on them. I eyed one of the toys from the Peppa Pig holiday range ages ago. This one is pretty cool and involved role play.

4.Thomas the Tank Engine Memory Game


This is a great game to start playing games together.

5. Books

I haven’t got him any new books in a while apart from the potty training book and I am sick of reading Peppa to him every single night. He is at the age now where is able to listen to other stories. Something like fairytales, stuff that my mum/granny read to me when I was a child.

6. Clothes

I am going to start potty train Matthew in the next coming weeks. That requires a lot of underpants and bottoms. I might even let a new top slip into it.

Did your little one turn 3 recently? What did they get for their birthday?

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