Review: HTC One M8

Today I’m giving you a review on the new smartphone I have bought recently.

HTC One M8


Up until 1 or 2 months ago I had the HTC one S. It had been going for 2 years which is quite long. I could only put up with it so much longer. Battery didn’t last long, memory issues, slow etc. You name it. So it was time for a new phone.

I always had a glimpse at the new HTC one M8 but I was never sure if that’s the phone for me. The screen is quite big and I’d like to hold my phones in one hand.

These are the specs in an overview:

Weight: 160g.                                                             Screen: 5 inch                                                   Battery life: standby 271h talk time 14h.             Camera: 5Mp

This phone is amazing. Even if you are a person like me who likes to hold the phone in one hand and takes that say you quickly adapt to and type with 2 hands. Very fast and easy.

The battery life is incredible. I am using my phone everyday, every hour, every minute until I go to bed. So that could be 13-14 hours. That includes browsing, social networks, texting etc. By the time I go to bed I would have 40% battery left. Which means you could nearly get 2 days out of it.

The Camera is a good reason to get this phone. 5mp and it takes amazing hd photos. If you are into photography this is the phone for you. It has so many different features built into too to modify the photos. There’s so many I haven’t even had the time yet to go through all those.

Overall it’s a fast, responsive phone. It has 2GB ram which means you should never run into any slowness or memory problems.

9/10 from me. The reason why it didn’t get 10 is because it can’t be very slippy. I recommend putting a cover on it so you don’t drop it. But that’s completely up to everyone else.


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