Review – Little Tikes Mini Cycle Ride-On

Now that my blog is finally going into one direction and I haven’t reviewed a product in ages I’m going to review a kids ride-on for you today.

This might be an opportunity, to tick off that one Christmas present of the Santa list maybe.


This is Little Tike’s Mini Cycle Ride on.
This Ride on is suitable from the ages of 18 months up to 3 years.

The good thing about it is its chunky big wheels which makes it very sturdy. It has 3 wheels so no topping over.


The main reason why I bought this ride on for Matthew is because he sits higher up. He has a Mickey mouse ride on which he is only allowed to use in the house now because he has known history of using it outside and destroying his lovely shoes. So Mammy is off buying new shoes all the time which indicates to me that he is too big for it.


He absolutely loves this bike. He’s so fast on it and it’s very quiet too. Sometimes you can get these noisy cars/bikes that you hear a mile away.

The best thing about the whole bike is you don’t have to assemble it. It’s ready to go.

You can buy it off many different websites. I purchased it on Argos. If you are located in the UK though then please use this link to purchase it which is

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