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Last week the lovely people at Polagram gave me the opportunity to try out their service.
What is Polagram? 
In a nutshell it is an app that can be downloaded for free from the Android Store or Apple Store. You can then choose any photo on your phone to be printed in any format you like. I have chosen the polaroid format. I wanted something different for our bed room as there is no real photos hanging anywhere of us 3. So I printed off 20 photos and received these in a beautiful presented envelope yesterday.

wpid-wp-1417640276810.jpegwpid-wp-1417640308851.jpegAren’t they amazing? It’s exactly what I wanted the whole time. I have been putting off printing off photos for so long because you normally just get the old 6×4 formats. This really brightens up the bedroom.
wpid-wp-1417640363200.jpegI have only put up half the photos on the wall at the moment. I am planning to have the rest of the photos hanging off mini pegs going across from one wall end to the other.

If you don’t necessarily want to print off photos Polagram also do other services like posters, phone cases, calendars, large prints and photobooks. Don’t forget to check out their website. Here is a little gift for you as well. If you are planning to make an order, then you use this code PGN3KZF9. It will give you EUR 2 off from your order.

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