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Middle of September but I’d like to talk about Christmas already. I’ve been completely organised this year.

Last year all we did was go to the local shopping centre in town to see Santa. But that’s mainly because Matthew was only 1 year old and was kind of freaked out by the man with the long beard. I mean who wouldn’t be at that age.
A tall man, with a deep voice, funny clothes on him and long white beard. I wasn’t quite the fan of him as a kid either.

So this year we have decided to go all out. I’m a member of this August 2012 Mum Group on Facebook and we talk a lot about all sorts of stuff. One thing we came across with is what to do this year to see Santa…

If you live in Ireland and have children then you should seriously consider this place.

It’s in a place called Rathwood not too far from Dublin. As for us we have to travel a bit but its worth it.
There’s a Santa train you go onto, the elves are reading Christmas stories to the children, you get to have you photo taken in Santa’s sleigh and best of all your child will meet Santa and receive a little gift.
I am really looking forward to this experience.

This is their website anyway…

Now, I haven’t checked it in a while but the places fill up so quickly. The closest one we got to Christmas was December 15th. But it is available the whole month of December up until before Christmas.


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