Set for 1st Advent

This evening I have finally put our advent plate together. You might remember a few posts back on my blog I told you about the German Christmas tradition. If you haven’t, don’t worry, you can read about it here again.

This is the end product anyway. I am very happy with it I have to say. So tomorrow we can light our first candle and have some tea and stollen cake with it. That makes me feel very festive then.


Just in time I have also put up hubby and my advent calendar on the wall.


Matthew didn’t want to let go of his own one. I’d say if it would go after him he would have the first chocolate today but he has been told he has to wait another 2 days.


Tomorrow some Christmas presents wrapping is in order. I have it all bought bar 2 things. I am very organised this year and it’s not even December yet. Maybe you need to be a parent…

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