Shane Filan Concert – A Charity Gig

On Friday hubby’s sister and I went to a charity concert in Sligo. It was all for a good cause for the Donal Parson Trust.
The act performing was Shane Filan. Now if some of you don’t know who this is, he used to be a member of the boyband called Westlife. (Which I used to be a big fan of by the way until they split 2 years ago)
He is doing pretty well as a solo act. This charity gig was his 70th show overall this year.

Because his sister loves Shane so much, hubby organised through one of his friends to meet him.

So off we went for 5pm. We picked up our Meet & Greet wristbands and waited for half an hour. Not so long after 5.30pm we went into the arena with a few other people who purchased/won a Meet & Greet.
It started off with a soundcheck that we were able to listen to. He sang 2 songs to us. One was actually picked by hubby’s sister. She was over the moon with that.

Shortly after the Meet & Greet started, everyone was allowed to have a photo taken with him and get something signed. Before you even ask, no I am not posting my picture because I look awful in it. So this is just going to be something private to me which the odd friend will get to see on my phone.

The concert being in Sligo made it quite handy that we could actually leave straight after, go home and come back later when the doors opened up. So we went back at 7pm. That evening it was really cold and miserable. No need to hang around and get sick maybe.

One of the support acts was Shane’s cousin Glen Cal.



He kept the crowd entertained.

Shane itself came on stage after 8pm. He put on a show for 2 hours. Honestly, I was impressed. I didn’t think it was would be that good. He mixed up some of his own songs from the album and some Westlife songs like “What makes a man”, “What about now” and “Flying without wings”. I have to say I really enjoyed myself at that gig.


During his session he brought a fan on stage. She actually went to 25 of his gigs so he knows her well.



I need my concert experience once a year and due to personal reasons I already missed 2 this year so it was nice to be able to go to this one.

Have you been to any concerts recently?



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