Siblings {February}

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The month of January and half of February has gone really quickly. We haven’t been up to much the last month at all, mainly because of weather reasons and sickness in the house. The kids seem to constantly sick. It it’s not Matthew, then it’s Chloe. They are mild colds they are getting but it is really hard on them when they cough all day and can’t seem to stop and you are there trying to help them whichever you can. Whether that’s Calpol, or salin spray or Vicks.  Chloe also had a dose of Conjunctivitis but luckily we were able to clear the with prescribed drops within 24 hours.

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We also celebrate Chloe’s birthday at the beginning of February. Matthew was so excited for her. He kept saying “It’s Chloe’s birthday” and he was even being super cute and sang her a happy birthday song.

Chloe also recently started bum shuffling which means she is at absolutely everything now. Sometimes Matthew is not too impressed about it because it means his jigsaw skills are being interrupted but they are getting on really great together now. Yesterday after dinner they were playing ball together which was adorable to see. At the weekend we went on a trip and Matthew really wanted to push Chloe’s buggy. So the older she gets the bigger their bond will grow I think.

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2 thoughts on “Siblings {February}

  1. He will get there. When Matthew was 2.5 years old he wasn’t interested in his sister either but that might be only because she was a newborn. x

  2. We are in the middle of a similar cycle of colds and conjunctivitis! Just when one clears up the other gets sick:-( Your pair look so sweet together. I wish my 2.5 year old showed as much interest in his 11 month old sister! He likes her in theory but when it comes to sharing toys or Mummy then it’s full on war in our house! I’m hoping when he’s 3 it’ll all magically improve…ha ha!

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