Siblings in June

I can’t believe the Siblings project is due again this month. The month has flown by and if I am honest, I nearly forgot about it. I saw an email coming in from another blogger and thought “Oh no, I completely forgot”.  I either don’t have enough to write about, or I have to much to write about.

The last month has been pretty quiet for us actually in terms of exploring and going places.  The weather was a mix of sunshine and rain. A lot of the time was spent in the garden and the front. We live in a cul de sac and the road opposite us is still a building site which makes it nice for the kids to play on the road.

With the weather being humid most of the time, there was a lot of ice cream had. This is them licking on a ice lolly one of the days. I stopped buying them though because Matthew gets frustrated when he pushes it too far and falls out. And Chloe hates it when it gets smaller and smaller and I have to push up the whole paper. Button ice cream is much easier these days.

The last week or so Chloe got more confidence to ride on her Toddlebike. I mentioned that she started off sitting on the bar. Well I can happily say she is now cruising around on the actual seat around the estate. She was chasing her little creche friend the other day.

Without me knowing, somehow Matthew learnt how to ride a bike without stablisiers in creche. The minders did mention to me that a lot of children learnt it in there. There is an orange bike that everyone fights over. At the weekend Matthew is going to start his first swimming lesson. Wish me luck. As a treat for being good (hopefully), we are going to the bike shop so he can pick a new bike. He is telling me all along he wants an orange one. The Spiderman bike he has I can’t take the stablisers off and I also can’t increase the height of the saddle. So only solution is buy a new one. We will probably increase to 16 inch.

Chloe is still the cheeky little woman. The other day Matthew built a train track and there comes Chloe trying to destroy it. Of course Matthew then goes into a tantrum. Understandable of course. She puts on this cheeky smile. She knows she did something wrong.

They still love each other and simply can’t go to bed without giving each other a kiss good night.

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  1. I love the fact you live on a quite estate with a cul de sac its so nice for the kids to have somewhere where they can just run (or in your case) drive wild! it reminds me off my german childhood in a very sleepy village we always played outside the house on the road! #siblingsproject

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