Siblings in June

June was such a gorgeous month. We got the best of weather here in Ireland. It’s nice to finally look at some sunshine and blue skys instead of grey and dark.

Because the weather was so good, up until we have spent every single day outside in the garden or went to the beach. Chloe is definitely an outside child anyway. She gets cabin fever so easily when she is inside too long. She is so much happier when she is outside. It would make it a lot easier though if she could walk but because she is still only bum shuffling at 16 months I can only put her on a blanket. Our garden gets drenched easily because the soil is really bad which means she would get a wet bum every time.

2016-06-03 18.15.16

June has also been the worst month regarding sickness. I mentioned last month that Matthew picked up in Impetigo in creche. I would have thought it couldn’t get any worse but 2 weeks later there was a sheet on the windows in creche informing all parents that chickenpox has been going around. Just a week after that Chloe caught it and had to stay home with me for a week. Luckily she had a very mild dose. She only had about 20 spots which wasn’t bad at all. Then this week I received a call from creche on Monday saying that Matthew has been getting spots. Another week at home for me. I will manage to go to work eventually. His dose is a bit more severe. The only place he doesn’t have spots yet is his arms but his front is covered., some on the back, some in the face, on the feet etc. On the bright side, they now had it which means we are finally over with it.

2016-05-15 10.05.26

Matthew and Chloe have been both enjoying a lot of play sessions outside in the garden. They are both a big fan of the sandpit. Most sand probably lands where it shouldn’t but as long as they are having fun that’s all that matters.

2016-06-04 16.23.28

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  1. Oh no what a run of bad luck! We found pocket waterproof trousers to be a godsend with our three who all wanted to be out and about in the garden before they could walk – it saved many a pair of trousers from our quagmire of a garden!
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