Siblings in May

We are back to another month of the Siblings project presented by the lovely Lucy from Dear Beautiful Boy.

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This month was an exciting one for us. We finally started Matthew on potty training. I  know there has been talks about it on my blog for quite some time but every time I tried to attempt something else came in the way or he was sick, or we went away on a trip at the weekend which is certainly not the right time to start. I will have a seperate post on it how we are getting on with it the last few weeks in the next couple of days.

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There hasn’t been much happening other than the potty training. Oh yeah, we had some gorgeous weather the last 2 weeks now. We are probably entering week 3 now with the good weather. It’s nice to see the sun out and blue sky and not rain and grey clouds for once. We get enough of that in Ireland every year, it can be depressing sometimes. Honestly, my mood sometimes depends on the weather, how sad is that.

My poor little boy has been off crèche the last 2 1/2 weeks. Somehow he caught Impetigo in creche. Everyone that knows what Impetigo is, also knows how contagious it is. So my only guess can be that a child in crèche must have had it recently and he picked it up by touching the hand or a toy. I thought chickenpox was bad. At least with chickenpox you only stay out of crèche for a week max. Anyway, the good side of it was, that I was off work of course and could spend some quality time with my boy those weeks which was lovely, too. A weekend can be pretty short, plus Chloe will be home then too so it was nice to have just him to myself those weekdays. Luckily Chloe didn’t get it.

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I don’t think we will ever get over the sharing toys bit but that’s ok. I’m sure everyone has that issue with their kids. When Matthew is older he will probably understand better to share.

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9 thoughts on “Siblings in May

  1. Oh poor wee boy – I’m glad he’s better now and didn’t pass it on, but I know what you mean about enjoying the extra time at home – weekends just seem to go so fast!

  2. Owuh..Impetigo is nasty!! Poor little thing. At least its been sunny whilst you’ve had to stay home…Lets hope the weather continues! xx

  3. Argh impetigo is such a pain isn’t it! My Bella has had it a couple of times from nursery too. Hoping the nice weather sticks around i’m the same weather completely effects my mood!

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