Siblings in November

Can you believe it’s just one more month before the year 2017 comes to an end. It’s one more month until the Siblings project comes to an end and I can make a collage of every month. I find this part always so exciting because you can see how much brother and sister have developed and have changed within twelve months.

The last month has been quite busy for us between Halloween, sickness and routine changes. The children were so excited the run up to Halloween. They both dressed up of course, even though Chloe was not too happy about it. She was okay with it to put it on just for the picture but it had to be taken off straight away then.

Both kids went trick or treating Halloween night. Matthew had an absolute ball. We agreed to only go to the houses that had lots and lots of decoration, otherwise we would be out all night. Chloe tagged along but went home with daddy half way through as there was no one in the house which meant all the trick or treaters couldn’t get any sweets. There were a lot of houses who made a lot of effort. Matthew was fascinated with all the different decoration. Chloe wasn’t too keen on anything that had a spider hanging from the door or window.

We also managed to go to the pumpkin patch as a family. Lots of treats were had and the kids were jumping around in the field that was full of pumpkins and hay. Chloe was confident enough to walk around holding mammy or daddy’s hand which is an improvement. We normally have to carry her at events with lots of crowds.

We brought back three lovely pumpkins from the pumpkin patch. The aim was to carve them. Both kids chose their designs. Matthew wanted a Transformers one and Chloe a cat. Mine was just a crazy face. The kids were proud as punch.

Over a week ago I had an exciting meeting with a company in Ireland who goes wagons for all sorts of occasions. The company is called Toby Wagons and is based in County Wicklow. They have been selling their wagons for over a decade and needed some help with the translation of their German website. Of course I was happy to help out. In exchange we got a lend of the wagon to try out. At the time I had the meeting, Matthew went to swimming. When he came back, he saw the wagon in the garden and wanted to have a go straight away. In the afternoon it was raining unfortunately but the next day I promised him we could go for a drive in it around the estate.

Last weekend both kids enjoyed the Disney on Ice show and Matthew got to have a play date with one of his friends again. The coming weekend is Chloe’s turn with her little bestie.

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