Siblings in October

The last month has been quite a busy month for us in terms of Chloe’s mobility. She has been trying to walk for a good while now but only with the walker. She is a later walker but I don’t mind that at all. I read somewhere that it’s better for them to walk later rather than earlier. It’s supposed to be better for the feet. This was also our last month of taking sibling photos together in our house neighbourhood as we will moving house and town in just five days. I can’t believe how quickly the time came in the end.

The last few weeks we developed this new habit to bring them to the play centre every Sunday morning.  I started coming the first time but daddy decided to bring them on their own then while I was at home cleaning or boxing up items for our move. We are off from this week coming anyway to start on it but it always better to get a head start.



Now that Chloe was a bit more mobile the last four weeks, Matthew seems to be getting on even better with her. It’s so funny seeing them racing together around the house.  They like chasing each other round and round or playing hide and seek. Two weeks ago I finally got out the smart trike. It’s from 10 months onwards. Never mind that she is 20 months already but I suppose better later than never. So off we went for a stroll around the estate. Matthew still loves his Little Tikes ride on even though he is bit big too for it now. He doesn’t get the hang of the scooter and doesn’t want to cycle on the bike too long so this is the best option.


Not too long ago I reviewed one of thew Kiddy Smartfix car seats which is a group 2-3. Matthew loved it so much that he didn’t want to sit in his old one in daddy’s car. It meant we had to buy a second one for daddy’s car. A different colour of course. He was so happy. A massive box was left over. We decorated it with a few wheels on the sides and a steering wheel inside the box. The two of them were using it as a car as well as an airplane. I did have to interfered once or twice to make sure Matthew is not too rough on Chloe.


Last weekend Chloe finally started off walking and there is no stopping her now. We already had a few accidents and bumps but that’s all part of the experience. The cutest thing ever is when we are going off to creche each morning. They both sit on the first step of the stairs to have their coats and shoes put on. Chloe has never worn shoes before. I bought her two pairs   of Bobux but  she always hated them.  There is a pair that still fits her now which sits in the hallway with all the other shoes. She picked them three days and wanted them on her. Ever since she goes out to the hallway and picks them up herself when we go out. She even goes out of her way and picks up Matthew’s shoes. She adores her big brother.

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12 thoughts on “Siblings in October

  1. I know, she is a nightmare to get a photo of. I am taking too many photos of her. She goes “No” and looks away. Hilarious. Thanks 🙂 xx

  2. We haven’t been outside yet because she doesn’t start walking yet but I wouldn’t let her walk much anyway. My four year old even goes in the buggy when we are going for a long walk.

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