Siblings in September

Another month has passed. The bonding between brother and sister has grown even more. I mentioned last month, that Chloe started to stand up when we were on holidays in Spain. Since then she has become more adventurous. She can now walk along the furniture and we got out the walker again that taught Matthew how to walk when he was her age. In saying that it was hubby who got it out and got her up and walking on that. I have to give him credit for it because he keeps on about it. I guess he has a proud parenting moment.

At the end of last month, something I haven’t been able to share with you in the last round up, we drove up to Dublin for the weekend for Matthew’s fourth birthday. They both had such great fun together. They loved seeing the animals and the zoo and just having a day out in the park in general. They were both drained after and had a nap. Bare in mind, Matthew hasn’t been napping for a year.

I love this photo. They even sleep the same.

Other than that we haven’t done anything exciting the last two weeks. We are basically trying to get Chloe to walk without the walker but that might be yet another two weeks or so.

In our house we have a door going from kitchen to hallway and from hall way to living room. I keep this open during the day now and Chloe is walking her rounds on her walker and Matthew is going after her shouting “I am faster, you’re too slow”. Sibling love, huh? Ah no, but they do love each other. I find them hugging and kissing each other more lately.


Last weekend we put in a movie and the two of them sat down together watching it, digging into a donut mummy picked up from Lidl.

We also went to the play centre and the two of them enjoyed some soft play together. This was Chloe’s first time since being a baby. She really enjoyed it.


In the last few days I started putting a hair clip into her.I don’t want to get it cut just yet but I also want her getting used to going to the hairdresser at the same time and not freaking out like her big brother. In fairness though, the last week, when I cut his hair, he was really good. He didn’t freak out as much as he used to. She looks so pretty with the hair clip in and Matthew wants one in his hair, too.


I am wondering what next month will bring. Hopefully I will give you the wonderful news that Chloe is finally able to walk unaided.

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8 thoughts on “Siblings in September

  1. Aww I’m sure it won’t be long until Chloe is walking, she’s doing so well! Lovely photos of them both, looks like they have such a close bond which is great to see. xx

  2. I am still not taking him to the hairdresser. I prefer to do it myself. Dont need drama in public lol

  3. My son used to sound like he was being tortured at the hairdressers but he’s called down now too. I just cut my daughter’s fringe for the first time at 13 months. The rest of it is just wild!

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