Siblings January

A new year, a new series of pictures each month of my two. I didn’t get to take that many photos of them last year unfortunately as Chloe was only little and Matthew couldn’t interact with her that much yet which is fair enough. But I have seen lately, that he likes to interact with her more and shares toys with her and sits beside her and asks what’s wrong with her when she is crying. For example, this morning he wanted to sit beside her. Previously, he didn’t want to be near her. It’s nice to see that after nearly a year they are finally growing a bond.

2015-12-23 10.27.25

This year I planned to take them outdoors more. It will be a bit easier because Chloe sleeps less which means she can enjoy the time outside more. She doesn’t walk or crawl yet but she can look around in her buggy too. That’s if the weather allows it. It’s absolutely terrible the last few months. Storms and rain all the time. You don’t want to go out in that.

2016-01-09 13.49.29

My poor little girl is actually sick at the moment. I am not quite sure if she has a stomach bug but her temperature is going up and down for the last 2 days. Hopefully she will be all better by Monday. It must some virus floating around. Matthew has a cold as well actually. Runny nose and coughing non stop, worse at night. But how can you not get sick. The weather is constantly changing, same for the temperatures outside. he is wrapped up warm every single day with a hat on. Not much more you can do I suppose.

The beginning of next month we will be celebrating Chloe’s first birthday. Can you imagine… first birthday already. I didn’t plan on having a party for her but thought it would only be fair to have a small one like Matthew did when he was her age. I am also doing a cake smash which she will definitely enjoy. She likes having her hands in everything.

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  1. Aww bless, I hope she feel’s better soon. I would have loved to do a cake smash for Martha’s first birthday but she still wasn’t sitting up un-aided. I hope you have a lovely day celebrating her 1st birthday.


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